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About Herman Miller Lounge Seating

About Herman Miller Lounge Seating
Discover our range of inspirational lounge seating from Herman Miller. Herman Miller Office Furniture is well known across the globe for their innovative workplace designs, perfect for the desk and boardroom table, but did you know that the brand also makes a number of other styles of seating? Our range of Herman Miller lounge chairs and sofas are something to truly appreciate. 
With multiple award-winning products, eye-catching ergonomic design and undeniable comfort, it’s easy to see why Herman Miller lounge seating has made such an impression. Discover our range of Herman Miller lounge chairs and sofas, all of which are available in a range of fabrics and colours to suit your needs. 
Equally suitable for the home or office, Herman Miller lounge seating offers comfort, style, elegance and a conversation starter. View some of our favourite products below before selecting the perfect lounge seating option for your space today!
Herman Miller Lounge Chairs
Herman Miller Anchor High Back Lounge Chair, Swivel Base - Nothing says comfort and style like a high back lounge chair. The Anchor High Back chair from Herman Miller does not disappoint, and was inspired by the wooden planks found in traditional boathouses. This chair includes a 12 year warranty and is available in a range of gorgeous colours of 100% virgin wool.
Herman Miller Swoop Lounge Chair - Make a real statement with the Swoop Lounge Chair from Herman Miller - one chair, an endless options for how you sit! Swoop encourages movement by allowing you to sit in the traditional manner, or throw your legs over an arm or lay down completely. Available in left or right configuration or without arms so you have no limits! 
Herman Miller Swoop Plywood Chair - Effortlessly subtle and elegant, the Swoop Plywood Chair from Herman Miller offers something a little different when it comes to lounge chairs. This chair also allows you the freedom to sit however you are most comfortable, however with a slightly more traditional design and gorgeous wooden shell. Choose the fabric, shell and leg finish to personalise this chair perfectly. 
Herman Miller Lounge Seating Sofas
Herman Miller Goetz Leather Sofa - Designed by Mark Goetz with clean lines and a timeless design, it’s no wonder this leather sofa is an instant Herman Miller classic. Wrapped in a striking wooden shell (which you can personalise), the sofa is then encompassed in a leather of your personal colour choice. Designed to be durable and wear beautifully, this is a lounge seating option that will make a true statement and stand the test of time. 
Herman Miller Jetty Two Seater Sofa - An undeniable homage to the mid-century modern furniture pieces of the 1950’s, the Herman Miller Jetty lounge sofa is a thing of beauty. Complete with a wooden base, available in a number of furnishes including walnut and maple, you can choose fabrics as well. Opt for elegant leather or wool in an array of attractive colours.