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About Laptop Holders

With working at home becoming popular over the past year, the UK workforce has had to find a space at home where they can work comfortably. Working on the sofa may be fine for a week or two, but prolonged periods of sitting without proper posture can wreak havoc on shoulders, necks, and even hands. A more ergonomic workspace is the solution. The way you sit for 8 hours a day can dramatically influence how you feel afterwards, which is why ergonomic equipment, like laptop stands, is essential to your home office or workplace.

To alleviate risk and reduce pain, you should be sitting in a neutral and comfortable position for you. This involves assessing your equipment, ensuring your back is straight and your eye line is steady. A laptop holder can dramatically improve the user’s comfort and reduce the health risks associated with long-term use. In addition, by lifting your laptop from surfaces or your lap using a laptop holder, you can allow more space for your laptop’s fan to work more effectively. This will let your equipment cool down quicker, meaning a faster laptop with less noise.

The type of laptop stand you choose should take into account the size and weight of your laptop. You should also consider space for wires if you do not have a wireless laptop and computer mouse. Two of our high-quality laptop holders are the Humanscale L6 Laptop Holder and the CBS Oripura Laptop Stand.

Humanscale has developed an affordable, versatile laptop holder that helps to promote good ergonomic posture by allowing you to vary your seating position while using your laptop. If you use a laptop for long periods when working, the L6 Laptop Holder offers great support. It also features practical solutions such as cable management, heat ventilation, security features and a removable USB hub.