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Boss Flamingo lap top table

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Allermuir Host Laptop Tables

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Vitra nestable in 5 colours

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Made to order

Naughtone Riley Table


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Torasen Pal Lap top table

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Torasen Pal Lap Top Table


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About Laptop Tables

If you’re looking for a laptop table then we have a great range that can make you more comfortable while you work. Space might be limited in your office and you may not always have the best access to a desk area. Alternatively, you may also have a desktop PC but also use a laptop for other purposes. You also might want to use a table for your laptop at home. If you don’t have a table to sit and work at, you will often find yourself resting your laptop on your lap. This can be particularly uncomfortable and also bad for your back. A table can also be great for your clients to use while they are in your reception area.

Boss Design Flamingo Laptop Table – The table is versatile and a stylish design, that is suited to both the home or office environment. It is also available in a range of different designs.

Vitra NesTable – Perfect for professional use, this laptop table is the ideal workstation. The tray platform is fully adjustable in height and angle and is available in a range of different colours. The table helps you to maintain a good ergonomic posture.

If you’re looking for a solution to your laptop problems then we have the best range of furniture to meet your needs. Take a look at the laptop tables that we have on offer today and see how we can provide the best solution for you.