Indoor Office Planters

Made to order

Orangebox Woods Mobile Planters


£4,470.00 inc. VAT

Made to order

Allermuir Furow Planter


£1,839.00 inc. VAT

Allermuir Crate Planter in Pebble

Made to order

The new range of indoor office planters by Allermuir Design and Orangebox.

Planters can help achieve more relaxing place to work by the using of plants and nature within the office.

 The Furow and Woods Indoor office Planters are large enough to divide spaces and are designed to be easily moved to enable the quick changing of any layout.

Allermuir Furow planter makes adding plants to workplace and hospitality interiors easy.

By using the circular Furow Indoor office planter to create interest in otherwise awkward spaces.

The Crate planter also will fit into many environments. With the popularity of indoor foliage increasing, the Crate office planter was designed to contain and elevate potted plants.

Orangebox woods planters are designed to make our workplace a more engaging, stimulating and happier environment.

They are designed to allow the designers of workspaces to create areas that are centered around plants and nature.

Research tells us that the more plants and planters you have in the workplace, the more beneficial they to the environment

Being around nature and plants can improve our relationships between colleagues, increasing our  concern for other people who we work with.