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When you choose Herman Miller from Office Chairs UK, you’re investing in more than just a chair. You’re embracing a century’s worth of design innovation and ergonomic excellence. Our range includes models suitable for every need and workspace. Plus, with a 12-year guarantee and free UK delivery, you’re assured of long-term value and satisfaction.

Explore our full range of Herman Miller products today and transform your workspace with chairs that define luxury, comfort, and ergonomic design.


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Aeron Remastered

The revamped Aeron chair has been meticulously redesigned from its casters up to meet the demands of contemporary workplaces and their occupants. Working closely with original co-designer Don Chadwick, Herman Miller has updated the chair based on the latest research in ergonomics and advancements in materials, manufacturing, and technology.

The Aeron’s iconic status is further solidified by its permanent placement in the Museum of Modern Art, a testament to its enduring design significance.

Founded in 1923, Herman Miller originated when Michigan businessman Herman Miller facilitated the purchase of the Michigan Star Furniture Company by his son-in-law, D.J. De Pree. De Pree subsequently renamed the company in honour of his father-in-law.

Today, Herman Miller consistently garners recognition as a top-tier provider of luxury office furniture. Our extensive product range encompasses their most sought-after office chairs along with a diverse selection of other furniture pieces, including desks, luxurious sofas, tables, and stools.

Many of our products boast customization options, such as various choices for castors/wheels, ensuring that you can tailor the design to your preferences while maintaining practical functionality suited to your needs.


Our Bestselling Herman Miller Chairs

  • Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair: The Aeron is not just a chair; it’s a piece of history. Ergonomically designed, now using ocean-bound plastics, and available in multiple finishes, it represents the pinnacle of comfort and sustainable design.
  • Herman Miller Mirra 2: Offering excellent lumbar support, the Mirra 2 stands out as an affordable yet high-quality option, available in various finishes.

At Office Chairs UK, we offer a full range of Herman Miller Chairs, including popular office chairs and a variety of desks, luxury sofas, tables, and stools. Many of our products are customizable, ensuring practicality without compromising on design.


About Herman Miller

In 1923, the Michigan Star Furniture Company underwent a transformation, emerging as Herman Miller under the ownership of D.J. De Pree and his father-in-law. Renamed in honour of the esteemed businessman Herman Miller, the company quickly gained renown for its modern furniture. This shift was propelled further by the pivotal hiring of George Nelson, whose influence redirected the company’s trajectory. Nelson, alongside notable contemporaries like Charles and Ray Eames, Alexander Girard, and Isamu Noguchi, crafted iconic pieces that defined modern design.

Over the decades, Herman Miller has sustained its reputation for innovation, collaborating with esteemed designers such as Alexander Girard, Isamu Noguchi, Robert Propst, Bill Stumpf, Don Chadwick, Ayse Birsel, Studio 7.5, Yves Béhar, Doug Ball, and others. Today, the company stands as a leader in contemporary interior furnishings, renowned for its work chairs, healthcare solutions, and cutting-edge technologies.

In 2021, Herman Miller joined the Miller Knoll collective, forming a powerful platform of design brands shaping our world. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023, Herman Miller continues to set the standard for ergonomic office furniture. Explore our diverse range of chairs and desks, including renowned models like the Aeron, Mirra 2, Embody, Sayl, Setu, Lino, and Verus. Committed to ongoing innovation, Herman Miller remains dedicated to refining existing designs and introducing new ones to meet evolving needs.