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Senator Adapt Mobile Whiteboards

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Senator Adapt Wall Mobile Whiteboard


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Senator mobile whiteboard

Made to order

About Presentation Dry Wipe Boards

For collaborative approaches in the workplace, brainstorming and discussions are a staple of the working day. Presenting new ideas to your team or colleagues is vital for your business to stay on top of the latest trends in your sector. With colleagues being more spread out than ever, sometimes gathering around dry wipe boards and discussing a problem or idea can be the perfect way to improve team-working and collaborative skills in your workspace.

With ever-flexible working conditions, the ability to present an idea at a moment’s notice is hugely important. Working visually is also an ideal way to drive creativity and using office whiteboards is an ideal way to do so. In addition, ideas are ever-changing and never set in stone. With dry wipe boards, you and your team are free to edit and change ideas without your visual aid becoming cluttered and unreadable.

Presentation boards or office whiteboards are great for getting the message across to your colleagues in a clear and concise way. Their portable design means presentations can be as flexible as your office and working style, with lockable castors to create a sturdy surface when and where you require one.