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Boss Design Portal Media Unit

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Boss Design Cocoon Media Unit

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About Media Solutions

With media and technology playing a more prominent role in today’s working environment, the need for a quick and easy media solution is greater than ever. With the wide range of effective graphing and presentation-creating software on the market today, pictures really can tell a thousand words. To demonstrate points or to suggest new strategies in your workplace, short meetings often require the use of a screen. Media units make gathering colleagues to watch a presentation more practical. With minimal set-up, simply assemble your team and start presenting.

Even more modern changes to the workplace have been brought about over the past 2 years. Employees are not always based in the same place, some choose the home office over the physical office. Office media units can even be used to host group calls if your business is maintaining a hybrid working style, allowing employees to be present in person and via online video chat.

Office chairs UK have various media solutions to suit your workplace and working style. Our options from Boss Design, such as the freestanding Boss Design Cocoon Media Unit, are available in a range of sizes and shapes. Browse our range today.