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Castors and Spare Parts

About Castors and Spare Parts

Castors are the wheels attached to your office chair. While these may seem sturdy, it is possible to change your office chair castors to new ones or different types to suit your preferences. Office chair spare parts can range from everything from castors to replacement seat covers to replacement office chair backs.
With heavy use or older chairs, you may find that you need office chair replacement parts. You could need spare parts for a multitude of reasons: Perhaps something on your existing office chair has broken after years of use, or maybe you need extra lumbar support, or maybe you are not getting on with the castors on your current office chair. With Office Chairs UK, our collection of castors and office chair spare parts is sure to have the right product for you.
With such a range of office chair castors available, you may struggle to identify differences between our brands, such as Herman Miller and Humanscale, and castor types. Each will have a different effect on your posture and react differently to your workspace floor, affecting your office chair experience. To help, we have put together a guide to help you decide which castors to selectwhich castors to select from our range.