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About Cafe / Bistro Tables

One of the most important factors in a productive workplace is making sure that your staff members are happy. An easy way to do this can be to make sure that they have a welcoming and relaxing staff area. Café and Bistro tables can be essential furniture for office spaces because it gives staff somewhere to sit and enjoy their lunch. It can also help to build relations between staff members as they are more likely to each lunch together rather than going out of the office for lunch. We have a wide range of different café and bistro tables to choose from.

Verco Dining Height Circular Table – The bistro table has a stylish finish and is perfect for use in staff areas such as canteens. Quality furniture is ideal to create a welcoming atmosphere in any area.

Whatever you’re looking for we have a great range of café and bistro tables to suit your needs, whether you’re after regular or high tables, with a metallic or wooden finish, we have a range of tables that are perfect for all areas.