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Made to order

About Folding Tables

Folding tables make an excellent addition to any modern workspace. With the development of a more open-plan space or flexible working style, offices are home to more multi-purpose spaces for meetings, general work, or more informal brainstorms. Tables that can be moved, collapsed, or stacked can help in environments where space is an issue or if the room is a multi purpose space.

If a meeting needs to be hosted, folding tables can be easily transported and established in the correct place to provide a short-notice place for a creative brainstorm or strategy planning session.  Folding meeting tables should also be sturdy so that, when erected, provide a sturdy surface to conduct business.

Our Senator Array Multi Use Tables are an excellent example. These tables are the perfect choice for a space where people are collaborating and performing individual tasks. With ample legroom and a lightweight design, the flip-top design and fully lockable brake castors ensure this table is ready for all situations. Whether for an annual conference or for training sessions, this table from Senator can handle it all.