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koplus tonique chair

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About Koplus

Founded in the Netherlands in 2009, KOPLUS takes on the vision of designing products that are truly intelligent and intuitive, from their range of office chairs to accoustic meeting pods.

Koplus are devoted to making and delivering well designed thoroughly tested and globally certified products. The User experience is at the centre of the design.

Their range of chairs includes options that work well for both the office and the home office available in a choice of colours . Koplus chairs come with the amazing ability to determine the way in which your body should be sitting, and provide the ergonomic support features include a mesh back, height adjustable arms, seat slide  adjustment, adjustable lumbar including  a 7 yr warranty, delivered in 3 working days from stock.

Working pods and booths provide a unique solution for workspaces that cannot provide private or quiet working areas. These Koplus booths offer a small, separate studio place so that employees can work free from distractions in the workplace. All of the booths and pods available in the range are soundproof and include LED lighting options so that your team can work comfortably and happily delivered and installed from stock.

Monitoring every detail during the development and production process helps Koplus stay true to their values looking after not only the users health but also the environment.

Achieving ISO50001: for Energy, ISO14001: for the environment and ISO9001 for quality