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About Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chairs

The Herman Miller Mirra 2 Originated from the Mirra which sold 1.5 million units after just 10 years. Studio 7.5 thought it was time to build upon the success of the old Mirra and to create a chair that holds the same attributes that but that is more up to date with the working style of today. One of their main targets for the new chair is to adapt to the movement that needs support in today’s working environment. They wanted to create a chair that supports the movement of workers and moves with them in their day-to-day jobs.

One massive priority of the Mirra 2 was to be able to create a chair that allows you to freely move around your desk without any risk of injuries or strain to your body. This can be provided by the built-in Loop Spine that allows you to move comfortably due to the torsional flex it provides. Whilst this is supplying the support you need, the Harmonic 2 gives you a feeling of complete control when you’re working in your office chair, which is exactly what Studio 7.5 wanted to do. The Mira 2 is also light, lean, and completely responsive to your body. 

The Mirra 2, like most of Herman Miller's recently created chairs, was created with great environmental consideration. This chair took an advance in the use and reuse of materials within the industry of chair design. Studio 7.5 took a saying through this chair creation which was ‘every molecule counts.’ What they mean by this is that they worked to make sure that the least amount of material was used to create the optimum chair. They would examine every element in order to make sure that minimal material was used on the product. The Herman Miller Mirra 2 went on to win 4 different environmental certifications for the efforts in producing this environmentally friendly chair.

Studio 7.5 didn’t just work on the functions of this chair, although it did come with efficient seat adjustment, armrest adjustment and height adjustment. Studio 7.5 also created a chair that would add sophistication and finesse to your office. You can pick up a chair from our Herman Miller Mirra 2 range today in a collection of colours and different fabrics and styles. Here are just a few of the Mirra 2 Products in our range:

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Design Your Own FlexFront Seat Standard - Offering the opportunity to customise the vital details of your chair, this Mirra 2 is delivered ready to use, and utlises the ultra-responsive butterfly back. Choose from customisable options like back and seat colour, art style, frame and base finish, adjustable lumbar support options, tilting personalisation, seat height and castor options. 

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Stool TriFlex Graphite Edition - The Mirra 2 is also available in a stool option at counter height to support those who work in a constant state of motion. Complete with multiple adjustable options, this is a fantastic ergonomic stool. 

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Graphite Edition - This sleek Mirra 2 comes in a uniform and sleek graphic back, including the back, frame and base. The chair includes all the fantastic features the Mirra 2 is renown for. 

If you would like to talk to someone in our specialist team about finding the best Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chairs for you, please contact us or call 0845 600 1917