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If you’re looking for an office chair that is flexible enough to fit all of your daily needs, then a Draughtsman chair is the ideal solution for you if you need to work a higher work surface. We offer a wide range of Draughtsmen and Counter Chairs in a variety of shapes and styles. This includes office chairs from some of the biggest manufacturers such as Orangebox, Pledge and Herman Miller. Draughtsman chairs are renowned for their practicality, versatility and durability. Much like our Heavy duty office chairs, this makes them the perfect solution for all office environments. If you are not constantly sitting at a higher desk, counter  and you often find yourself standing or needing a stool, then a draughtsman chair is ideal for you. 

Just because you are looking for an office chair that offers more flexibility, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style or design. Our ranges of draughtsman chairs have been ergonomically designed to ensure that they still offer great support for your back while you’re working. They are available in a range of stylish designs including some that are available with mesh back rests to allow your body to breathe. Many of the chairs that we offer can also be personalised so that you can be sure they fit in with the design of your office. Everything from the colour to the armrests can be altered to make the office chair truly your own. 

The Draughtsman Chair has a real advantage over regular chairs in its adaptability. The modern workplace is changing rapidly and is hardly ever a static environment. That is why the Draughtsman chair is so useful and many of them are supported by a high powered compressed gas that enables the user to alter the height of the chair so you can adapt to different workstations. We selected some of our most popular chairs but make sure you take a look at our full range to find a chair that is right for you.

Elite Start Upholstered Draughtsman Chair – One of our most affordable draughtsman chairs, this is ideal if you are looking for a quick solution in the workplace. Choose the finish you would like and add arms if needed.

Orangebox Joy Draughtsman Chair – One of the most popular office chair brands, Orangebox offer a highly versatile chair that is surprisingly affordable. Customise your design for the perfect product.

Herman Miller Setu Stool – They are one of the biggest manufacturers of office chairs and the Setu stool offers a highly flexible solution for the workplace. The height adjustable chair is perfect for all of your office needs.