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New Arrivals

About New Arrivals

At Office Chairs UK we are always on the lookout for the latest in innovative chair design to bring to our customers. From reinventions of classic models, such as the Herman Miller Mirra 2, through to brand new designs such as the Dauphin X-Code, our selection of new arrivals is regularly refreshed with the newest, most sought after chairs.

Based on the bestselling Mirra, the Mirra 2 is a complete rethink of the successful Herman Miller design. The Mirra 2 intelligently adapts to support every movement you make, as well as being lighter and more responsive than its predecessor. The Dauphin X-Code takes its inspiration from running shoes, using specially developed Wovenit technology that allows it to act as a second skin and move with your body, providing optimal support for your entire back. The X-Code is not only ergonomically friend, but environmentally friendly too, with just one piece of Wovenit fabric for the entire chair, wastage is reduced by up to 30%. Another innovative feature of the X-Code is its antibacterial armrests, helping to reduce the spread of illness throughout your office!

By sourcing new and innovative chairs such as these, we aim to provide our customers with the latest developments in the office design world, at the best possible prices. Take a look at some of our new arrivals below: