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Heavy Duty - 24 hour Office Chairs

About Heavy Duty - 24 hour Office Chairs

One of the major factors when buying an office chair is finding a chair that is durable and will last. In some cases there is also a need for a heavy duty chair that will truly stand the test of time. You might need to move your chair about a lot and want to make sure that it isn’t easily damaged. Buying a heavy duty chair is also a great investment as you can be sure that they will last for much longer than an ordinary office chair. They are incredibly versatile and extremely hard wearing so you can be sure that they are fit for purpose. 

Not only are the chairs durable, but our carefully selected range of heavy duty chairs have also been ergonomically designed to make sure they offer great support. They have been chosen for their ergonomics, value for money, style but most importantly their durability, as these chairs are manufactured to last. Much like our range of Draughstman Chairs, the heavy duty office chairs are also versatile and suitable to a wide range of uses, which is important in a dynamic workplace. These chairs provide maximum manoeuvrability which, combined with their ergonomic design and durability, makes them a workplace essential.

Many of the chairs display an intricate attention to detail in regards to ergonomics and comfort. We offer chairs from a more affordable range to the ultimate in luxury office seating. Whatever your needs, all of our heavy duty chairs offer great support and are perfect for your office needs. Most of the chairs are also fully customisable. We have selected some of our most popular heavy duty chairs, but make sure to check out the complete range.

Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest – The Company is known for producing high quality office furniture to suit your needs. This is one of their most popular designs, because it is highly durable and can be customised for your ideal finish.

KAB K1 Premium Office Chair – KAB are experts in creating ergonomically designed seating for vehicles. They have transferred their expertise into office chairs and have created an excellent range of durable products.

Sedus Mr. 24 Office Chair – This is one of our most luxury heavy duty chairs available. Sedus are one of the biggest and most established manufacturers in the business, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality product.

Best Office Chairs for Heavy Person

If you are a heavy person then the best office chairs for you are heavy duty 24 hour operator chairs. These chairs are designed for continuous use and are extremely durable compared to regular office chairs. There are many reasons that regular office chairs might not be suitable for a heavy person including height and weight, but these chairs are the ideal solution.