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About Boss Design Meeting Pods

As workplaces are developing into more open-plan environments, meeting pods that provide acoustic privacy will be in high demand to provide aesthetic and flexible rooms at short notice. The Boss Design Qube pod range consists of modular high-performance acoustic rooms which create the ideal private meeting or office space.

The design of the acoustic wall panels and ceiling is such that the optimum amount of sound is absorbed, allowing conversations, meetings, or brainstorming sessions to continue without being overheard or disturbing colleagues in the surrounding areas. Despite the quality level of sound absorption,  the lightweight aesthetic value of the meeting room pods are not compromised. These Boss Design pods, or meeting room pods, are perfect for collaborative modern workspaces.

Not only are they well-designed spaces but Boss Design meeting room pods are also completely flexible. Their lightweight design means that they are fully demountable and can be easily repositioned and moved to where suits your company and workspace. If a meeting room is needed at short notice or someone needs a silent space to work in, these stunning meeting rooms can be erected at a moment’s notice.

Standard features include PIR controlled lighting & airflow as well as acoustic ceiling tiles for enhanced privacy. This ensures that Boss Design Qube meeting pods create a well-lit and well-ventilated space for you to concentrate on individual tasks or partake in indepth discussion in complete privacy. The Qube meeting room is a cost effective meeting room for the collaborative workplace.