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About Phone Booths

As technology has developed, the way we work has also developed into a more hybrid working style. This means that technology plays an ever-important role in our important work communications. While this can be great for flexibility, phone or video calls have become more commonplace in the office, meaning that colleagues working at nearby desks can find their work interrupted. Furthermore, finding a private area with a good phone signal or a strong WiFi connection can be a difficult task. Office Phone Booths can be a perfect solution.

Phone booths are incredibly popular spaces for quick call privacy instead of using the stairwell, corridors, or, worse still, walking around the office and hovering around other people’s desks. Phone booth cubicles offer comfort and privacy for quick and important phone calls or meetings. With open-plan office spaces becoming more popular, so have office phone booths. Used in combination with office meeting pods, audio and visual privacy for meetings and collaborations couldn’t be simpler. They have become so popular that staff are now complaining they can’t find any empty ones.

Browse our selection of phone booth cubicles today. If you’re searching for something to help you focus, take a look at our Office Booths for added privacy.