Orangebox Modular Acoustic Meeting Pods

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About Orangebox Modular Acoustic Meeting Pods

The acoustic meeting pod was born to address two issues relating to the developing trend of open-plan environments: firstly the need for physical and acoustic privacy, and secondly, the need for internal rooms. Orangebox Meeting Pods can act as freestanding meeting rooms, private spaces for focused work, phone booths for private meetings, and more. Designers at Orangebox set out to redefine what is meant by an internal room.

Acoustic Modular Meeting Pods from Orangebox combine functionality with flexibility. Innovative materials, 99% of which are recycled materials, mean that these meeting pods are the most advanced internal room system on the market. These high-quality materials provide acoustic privacy, excellent aesthetics, and also high levels of insulation.

In the modern office space, needs will change on a constant basis. To combat this, Orangebox Air3 pods are completely adaptable. The demountable nature of the pods means that these acoustic pods can be moved, re-positioned, or re-used to suit the needs of the office. Furthermore, interchangeable panels within the structure of the modular pods can allow completely unique combinations of fabrics and colours. The wide variety of small and large acoustic meeting pods can be arranged to your requirements with ease, with a variety of integrated tabling solutions also available.

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