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About Orangebox

Orangebox were found in the summer of 2002 and have become one of the biggest designers and developers of office furniture. Their products aim to build a more agile work environment that is adaptable and can change to suit your needs. Flexibility is an important part of the design as they look to create solutions to our fast changing working day. Value is also an important factor in their work. Orangebox understands that value has become critical in the fast changing workplace. In the business world, all organisations are seeking value in real estate, value in how they are able to work and value in the furniture they use. 

Orangebox task chairs are some of our most popular products with great innovation at affordable prices. They combine ingenious engineering paired with ground breaking design and are of exceptional quality. Their ergonomically designed task chairs offer great support for your back while working. They enable you to carry out your working day while still maintaining a great posture. Orangebox Chairs are designed in such a way that you can carry out office tasks with freedom of movement and still maintain a great posture. All of their chairs are run through stringent testing to make sure that they are suitable for the workplace, and come with a minimum 5 year guarantee as standard.

We offer a wide range of Orangebox products from task/office chairs, Air office pods, tables and soft seating.  Whatever you’re looking for we have the perfect solution for your workplace. Many of our Orangebox products are fully customisable and you can have them made in a range of different finishes. Take a look at their full range to find the product that best suits your needs.

Orangebox Do Chair – One of our best selling ergonomic office chairs, it is great for all purposes. It is also one of our most affordable chairs and is fully customisable in colour and fabric.

The all new Orangebox Kirm mesh chair with a seat and back frame that have been carefully shaped to work with the mesh, providing the widest range of user support, including great upper back support, a well-defined lumbar profile and an effective waterfall on the front of the seat. Controls are coloured to make them easy to identify, and carefully shaped and located so they’re intuitive to operate.

Orangebox Air Acoustic pods can act as a freestanding meeting room, private space, phone booth or touchdown room. The Air³ combines new materials with a wider range of finishes and the most advanced room system on the market, all of which helps make it the world’s most complete pod system. Air³ has been designed as a scalable system