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About Pledge

Pledge Office Chairs have over 40 years of experience in the industry. They have built strong foundations over this time that has allowed them to grow in both size and capacity. With skilled production staff and a strong sales team they have an unrivalled ability to produce quality seating for all types of applications. The company is also a joint venture with their Edge Design team and they sell products from both. The company was founded in 1970 with the objective of specialising in the production of swivel adjustable office seating. Their task force has expanded massively from just ten personnel to over 165 people working on a 14,000 m² site.

Quality office furniture is not just about the aesthetic appeal. A reputable and established company is often an important factor when it comes to buying office furniture. With a long history in manufacturing office furniture, Pledge can offer the best solutions to all of your office needs. They cater for a wide range of seating applications, from entry level task seating to high end hand crafted soft furnishings. Pledge are a company at the forefront of the seating industry and have ideal solutions for all your office needs. The company is also based locally in the UK.

Office Chairs UK offer a wide range of seating solutions for all purposes including a range of affordable office task chairs. We also offer a range of other alternative seating options along with tables from Pledge that may also be of use. Take a look at their full range of products.

Pledge Two Medium Back Chair – A chair to meet every office need. This versatile chair is affordable and can be customised with a range of different colours and materials.

Pledge Plan Ribbed Back Chair – For a more luxurious office chair, this is the ideal solution. Still at a relatively affordable price, the chair offers ergonomic support with a stylish and sophisticated design.

Pledge La Kendo stacking leg chair – The chair is an ideal solution if you don’t have a great deal of space in the office. They stack away neatly and provide a versatile seating option when needed.