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High back sofas

About High back sofas

With Collaboration being more important than ever the High back sofa has the ability to easily create working privacy within even the largest open plan spaces, fully upholstered these sofas create the opportunity to visually enrich any interior space either through colour or texture.
Within our range are plenty of different styles from classic to contemporary and they are available in a range of sizes.

Below are some ideas you might like from some of the UK's best manufactures 

Orangebox Cwtch 3 seat high back sofa

Lyndon Design Arthur High Back Compact Sofa – The striking design is elegant and will look great in your office. It is well suited to the modern interior and will give a stylish impression. It is available in both fabric and leather.

Verco Brix-up Workspace – This is a great piece of furniture if you are looking for a workspace. The high back sofa set provides a secluded workspace that can be great if you’re meeting clients or as a change from your regular desk. Ideal if you work from a laptop or tablet.