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About Herman Miller Embody chairs

The Herman Miller Embody chair design was taken on by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber, known for their past incredible designs such as the Aeron & Equa work chairs. With this chair, they wanted something completely different to all the past successful designs they’d created. Their aim was to create a chair that not only addressed all the negative effects of long-term sitting but to actually produce a chair that had positive effects on your body through extended seating sessions. In fact, Herman Miller boasts that the Embody is so intelligent, it actually helps you think!

Unfortunately, Bill passed away halfway through the creation of the Embody, therefore Jeff Weber had to carry on with the production and testing of the product. Weber gave the chair its form and function by building off Bill Stumpf's original inspiration. This then moved on to testing through multiple prototypes which had a vast collection of experts sitting in them and sharing their feedback on the chair. Through all the positive and negative feedback, Weber was able to create a chair that had the perfect posture support, pressure distribution and more!

The Herman Miller Embody has a Pixelated support that you notice from the second you sit in the seat. This dynamic matrix of pixels conforms to your body’s micro-movements which allows the chair to distribute your weight evenly, depending on how you sit and then support the areas in which require extra support. Many experts were consulted in the making of this chair, including 20 physicians and PhD experts in fields like vision, ergonomics, PT and bio-mechanics. The expertise that went into the creation of this chair is evident in the end result. 

There is a very unique design to the Herman Miller Embody, as the purpose of the chair is to provide health benefits for its users and to support them during periods of extended seating. The aesthetics of the chair are mainly built from function and technology. The function of the chair is on full display and it can add an extremely unique look to your office with a shimmer of sophistication. Discover some of the products in the Embody range that we supply:

Herman Miller Embody Balance Black - Benefiting from the superior design of all the chairs in the Embody range, the Balance is made with 100% polyester knit fabric, providing a cushy feel that allows air and light to pass through it more easily. This provides maximum cushion, comfort and breath-ability. 

Herman Miller Embody Rhythm Black Edition - Available for quick delivery, this model of the Embody chair comes in at a slightly more competitive price, with slightly less advanced fabric options, but still offering the intelligent seating the range is known for.

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair Design Your Own - If you want the luxury of the superior seating traits of the Embody, but with the option of customising it for your needs, this might be the best option for you. Choose from fabric colour, upgrade to Balance fabric, pick the frame colour and base options, and select the best wheels or castors for the flooring in your workplace. 

If you would like to talk to someone in our specialist team about finding the best Herman Miller Embody Chairs for you, please contact us or call 0845 600 1917