Why Sleep Hygiene is Important for your Career

“If you are having difficulty getting to sleep at night, then it might be affecting your career. When you don’t get a good nights sleep then you are going to work tired and this obviously isn’t good, but how much of an effect can it have? Our blog looks at how sleep hygiene can actually have a negative effect on your career and reduce your ability to do your job. Find out how your sleep patterns are affecting your work.
Sleep Improves Brain Functions
Studies show that sleep plays a massive part in your problem solving and learning skills. It has been proven that those who have had more sleep will be more capable of problem-solving and making good decisions instead of making mistakes.
Furthermore, it has been proven that sleep improves your ability to pay attention. One way in which you can reduce sleep deficiency and get to sleep so your brain functions are not reduced by lack of sleep is by trying reverse psychology. A small study conducted at the University of Glasgow proved that if you tried to stay awake and keep yourself up, then you trick your brain into sleep. The study found that those who tricked their brain fell asleep quicker than those who tried to sleep.
Reducing Injuries
It’s thought that sleep deficiency is more dangerous than drink driving. Every year around 100,000 car accidents happen due to sleep deficiency and around 1,500 people get killed every year because of these accidents. To help reduce the amount of these accidents and deaths every year, you can start getting more sleep. One way in which you can do this is by scenting your room with lavender. Lavender has positive effects on your body for sleeping. It can relax your nerves which will make you feel more comfortable. It also lowers your blood pressure resulting in less energy.
This can be defined as a moment where you sleep, usually around 30 seconds and you will not be able to remember anything that happened in that moment. This can have a big toll on your work life especially if it includes a lot of meetings. A way to prevent this from happening to you is to hide your clock. When trying to sleep, if you can constantly see the time then it is inevitable that you’ll get stressed which will increase the activity in your central nervous system (CNS) which will cause you to stay awake. However, if you hide your clock then there is more of a chance that you’ll be able to relax and just sleep.
Decreased Production
Studies have shown that if you have a high sleep deficiency then it is more likely that you’ll have slower reaction times and be less productive compared to those who have the prime amount of sleep. This can lead to constant mistakes in work and could cause the company you’re working for to make fewer sales. So not only is your lack of sleep affecting you, it is also affecting the workers around you.
A way to decrease the risk of this happening is by taking a warm shower before bed. When you take a warm shower and then step into the cool air, it causes a drastic change in temperature, causing your metabolism to slow down and this prepares your body for bed. If you can make this a routine, then your body will start preparing itself for bed every time you go to have a shower.Making sure that you get the right amount of sleep is particularly important to your career, but your desk furniture can play a massive part too. If you don’t have ergonomic furniture then you might find it too easy to relax at your desk. With an ergonomic desk chair, you will find it harder to get distracted and relax. This means at the end of the day you should be more tired and go to sleep at night. Take a look at our range of office chairs online.”