Which is the best ergonomic task chair for your office?

“Choosing which chair to use in your office every day should not be a decision which can be taken lightly. In the modern world, we spend countless hours every single day sat at our desks. Most days we spend more time in these chairs than we do in our own homes! Therefore, selecting the right chair for your office is of paramount importance. Here are four of the best and most comfortable office chairs for you to consider.
Embody Chair by Herman Miller
Herman Miller has been one of the frontrunners in the world of office chairs for innovation, style and durability. It comes as no surprise, then, that Herman Miller’s Embody chair exhibits these aspects very prominently. The back of the chair resembles a spine and is highly flexible. As your posture inevitably changes throughout the day, the Embody chair will allow you to position yourself to however you feel most comfortable whilst providing constant support for your spine. This allows continual blood flow throughout your body. The narrow spine also allows complete freedom for your arms.
do by Orangebox
The philosophy behind the Orangebox do is to create an office chair that is specifically designed to move with the user. Whilst other chairs contain a multitude of technologies in order to ensure the user remains in an optimal position, the do actively encourages movement, as well as simultaneously supporting the user in all vital areas. The design is based on extensive research into common postures assumed by people interacting with their office environment. The intelligent back of the chair incorporates a balance mechanism allowing it to adjust itself according to the user’s weight- this automatically adjusts to cater for people of any shape and size, to provide consistent support to all users.
Airpad by Interstuhl
The Airpad is another iconic design that adapts intelligently to its user. Although highly supportive, the Airpad is also extremely light when combined with the free-flowing nature of the chair’s movement, it allows the user to feel as though they are floating on air. The lightness of the Airpad not only contributes to ergonomic comfort but helps keep the temperature of the user low which can become a real problem with many office chairs during the summer months! Not only does it keep you cool, it looks cool too- this is probably the reason why the Insterstuhl Airpad was used in the last two James Bond films as M’s chair of choice.
Diffrient World by Humanscale
The Diffrient World, designed by Niels Diffrient, may seem deceptively simplistic at first glance. The chair only features two knobs for adjustment, the seat height and the seat depth. The comfort and adaptability of the chair come from the mesh backrest, which is specially designed to offer enough flexibility to compensate for the lack of adjustability options. The recline of the chair, too, is unusual in that it does not operate via a mechanism. The two parts of the chairs frame are instead leveraged to provide comfort and support even in recline. This chair is also the most environmentally friendly design on this list, due to the minimal quantity of materials required for its construction.
These chairs offer a great deal of variety and each have their own unique features and hallmarks, yet all offer the comfort and support that is required for prolonged sitting in the modern workplace- so the choice comes down to what exactly you require from your chair.”