What Is The Future Of Work?

“The coronavirus pandemic has brought about huge shifts and changes in how we all work, with large numbers of people around the world working from home. However, many businesses have continued to function and move forward during this difficult period, which has left us with some positives and questions about the future. Before the pandemic, remote working was in place with some organisations, but it was still seen as not viable by the majority of businesses worldwide.
Opinions have changed though and giving people responsibility to complete their work from home allows much more flexibility in the workforce. So what is the future of work and how does it look once the situation improves around the global pandemic? We have taken a look and provided some answers on this topic.

Flexible Hours
One of the biggest changes that we expect to be widespread in the future of work is flexible hours in all kinds of business that aren’t time constricted. Unless you work in stock trading or something that is time sensitive, then flexible working is likely to be widespread to allow people more freedom in their working day.
With many businesses continuing to function during the pandemic, people have been working on a much less strict workday and have been allowed to complete work in their own time. This is something that employees have been hoping would be put in place for years, as it allows parents and carers flexibility around their schedule. Although some businesses had already put this in place, it seems more organisations have seen the benefits of flexible hours and it could become more commonplace for people to work at a time that suits them best.

Working From Home
Whenever it is deemed safe for workers to return to the office, we don’t expect that all staff will return to work in the same way. Many businesses will be concerned about a spike in coronavirus amongst their staff upon returning to work and they will want to avoid large numbers of staff members falling ill at the same time.
It is therefore likely that many businesses will look to continue to limit the number of staff in office environments which might lead to rotas, or other alternatives. This also means that working from home is likely to stay beyond businesses returning to work and for the foreseeable future. It is therefore important to invest in home office furniture as working from home several days a week could become the new norm.

Health & Safety
There is also more than likely going to be a much larger focus on health and safety in the work environment following the pandemic. It is likely that businesses will look to give employees more space and avoid placing desks close together. We could also see the return of desk screens and dividers to separate staff and give them their own personal space again. This could mean that businesses need to look for larger premises or further install a working from home policy. It could also mean that hotdesking becomes a thing of the past due to multiple people using the same desk space and spreading germs. We are also more than likely going to see more cleaning supplies such as hand sanitiser in office spaces too. It could even change the way that we take lunch breaks and eat in the office, as this might have to be staggered so not all staff are eating at the same time in close quarters.
One thing that is clear though is that the common theme in the changing work environment is that working from home will become more important. In order to maintain focus and make sure you are productive at home, it is essential to make sure your home office setup is conducive to this. If you are looking for home office furniture, then we have a great range of products online.”