Ways To Reduce Stress Working From Home

“The last year has been a whirlwind for us all. The stress of self-isolating and protecting the vulnerable has been a task given to us all, and to say it’s been tough to juggle the stress of work, life and COVID would be an understatement.
One of the biggest challenges a lot of us have had to face is adjusting to working from home, with the fine line between a working/life balance the perfect recipe for stress. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce the stress in your life.

Stepping Back
One of the simplest things you can do when you’re feeling stressed is to simply step back and take some time to yourself. This doesn’t need to be hours or a large amount of time, it could just be a couple of minutes. It seems too simple to work, but sometimes all you need is a minute to take a breath and regroup your thoughts, whether that be going to make a coffee, going to give your pet a cuddle or checking social media before heading back to work to try again.
Mix Up Your Surroundings
When you’re thinking about how to cope with working from home, one of the top ways in which you can achieve a little stress relief is to change your surroundings. Take a moment to get out and go for a walk, or something to change the scenery a bit. Whether that be around the garden or around the block, or even to a different room in the house. Sometimes all you need is a brief change of scenery to help you ease the stress.
Exercising is a brilliant way to help manage and reduce stress, throughout your day you should already be trying to incorporate some short movements and exercises in order to help break up your day and help you keep focus. Sometimes taking the time to go for a run or workout in the morning can help you feel fresh going into the day, and help you to feel less tense.

Talk To Someone
Sometimes all you need to ease your stress is to talk it out with a friend. Recent times have been testing, especially with lockdown making it all the more urgent that you take the time out to speak to friends, family and colleagues. Talking through your problems is always a great way to help manage stress and worry, whether the person you’re talking to can help or they’re just someone to help you get things off your chest, talking can be a great way to reduce your stress.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously
Make sure you don’t take things too seriously, make sure you remember to see the light in life, especially in times of such darkness and negativity. It’s easy to be swept up by it all, but it’s important to remember that you need to have fun in your life. If you need a little something to help boost your day, here are some of our favourite gifs for working for home – we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do!”