Using Your Lunch Break to Boost Your Creativity

“We all take our lunch break differently, whether you prefer eating at your desk, meeting colleagues, going outside, or perhaps you never take your lunch break. Everybody has their own unique routine for that short hour in the middle of the day, but few realise that actually taking a lunch break increases productivity levels. There are countless benefits to taking a lunch break, and by tweaking your routine, you can boost your creativity levels and simultaneously become more productive in your work. Read on to discover how to use your lunch break to boost creativity.

Create a vision board
Regardless of what your goals are moving forward, creating a vision board can help you feel more centred and in touch with the future. Envisage where you want to be, and manifest it through your vision board. Be careful not to confuse this with a mood board however. Whilst similar, a mood board is primarily an aesthetic planning tool, a video board on the other hand relates to your life direction.

Start a DIY project
If you’re a crafty person that doesn’t get the time to work on new projects, consider taking on a new DIY task that you can chip away at on your lunch breaks. This can be anything, from upgrades to your home to pieces of artwork. Using your lunch break to work on something you enjoy will provide you with a personal gain, and will offer something for you to look forward to on the working day. This is especially practical if you are working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which may become the working way of the future.

Stream a workout
Physical activity has huge potential to enhance our wellbeing, even if that’s just a short 10 minute workout. There are a plethora of apps and streaming services readily available to use that’ll help you get your sweat on, even in the comfort of your own home. Participating in regular physical exercise will increase self esteem and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, which can then help you to feel more creative.

Create a journal
If you’re feeling uneasy, jotting down your thoughts and feelings in a journal will definitely help calm your mind. A Harvard study found that putting your thoughts to paper can help you cope better with emotional fallout or stressful thoughts. Investing in a good quality writing journal is a great way to be creative and boost your mental wellbeing.

Try a new recipe
Dust off those cookbooks and pick out something new to try. Making the time to prepare a lunch that’s flavourful and packed with nutrients is really important, especially when you’re working from home. Head to the kitchen for that much needed break from your desk and get creative with something new.
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Write a short story
Whether your story be fiction or nonfiction, writing your own short story is a great way to explore your creative side during your lunch break. Don’t worry about perfection, as writing is only a way to express yourself through words. Simply put a pen to paper and write.