Top 5 Work From Home Essentials – Ergonomic Office Items

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses worldwide and many people have now taken to working from home. However, this has turned into a positive for many with lots of people seeing no real change in their productivity or efficiency. This has been seen by many businesses who now view remote working as a viable option in the future even when the coronavirus pandemic is over. But this means that working from home is going to be a regular fixture for many so it is important that you have a good home office setup. We have put together the top 5 work from home essentials that you should have to make sure you have an ergonomic and productive office space.

Computer Setup
This is an important part of working from home and you should make sure that you have a machine that can keep up with your daily workload. However, many of us don’t have a great deal of space at home so large desktop computers and screens are not ideal for working from home. A laptop is much more flexible for working from home as it can easily be put away should you need the extra space, without having to disassemble and sort out cables. If your work doesn’t have the budget to invest in new hardware, it could be worth investing in one yourself to make the best use of your space at home.

Ergonomic Desk Chair
Many people make use of various different spaces when working from home, such as the sofa or the dining table. However, this can be terrible for your back and you should really be using an ergonomic desk chair when working from home. If your company is happy for you to take furniture from the office home then it might be worth making the trip to pick up your desk chair. If not, then you should think about getting a proper ergonomic desk chair for your office to make sure your back is properly supported.

Home Office Desk
Having a dedicated space to work from when at home is vital to ensuring your productivity remains high. Working from a kitchen table or the sofa poses far too many distractions and you could be easily tempted to do something else. Dedicating a space to properly work from and devote your time fully to work can lead to you being much more productive. If you are worried about not having enough space, there are plenty of smaller desks just like this Sedus Personal Desk.

Laptop Stand
This seems like a small thing but it could actually make a big difference to your working day and lead to better productivity. A laptop stand or holder allows you to perfectly adjust your laptop ergonomically to the perfect height to suit your needs. This means you won’t be slouching at your desk and the laptop screen will actually be head height, perfect for your posture. It could surprise you how much better you feel throughout the day so definitely consider a laptop stand.

Good Wifi
Working from home it is likely that you will mainly be working off wifi connection and this can sometimes be slow or have poor signal. Even if you pay for high speed internet, you could experience problems around your home with black spots of signal. This is usually because there is furniture and other walls blocking the signal of your router so it will be weaker upstairs than downstairs for example. A simple solution to this is to buy some wifi range extenders to help boost signal in rooms that have poor connection, this PC Mag guide has a good selection of boosters.