Top 5 Office Christmas Party Ideas 2020

“Many different businesses are wondering what their office Christmas party will look like this year with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic looming large. With many offices working from home for large parts of the year, the Christmas party could look very different this year. However, keeping morale high is still important and you still want your employees to feel like a team. So, what can you do for a Christmas party during the coronavirus? We have put together a guide of the top 5 office Christmas party ideas 2020 and how you can make the most of it with the current restrictions.

Activity Day Outdoors
If you are looking for a socially distanced Christmas party then why not consider an activity day outdoors to abide by guidelines. There are plenty of days out that you could still book in groups of 6 and maintain social distancing. Something like quad biking and paintball should still be open, providing your local area isn’t put into a strict lockdown. Depending on how far your budget stretches you could even consider something like a theme park, with the likes of Thorpe Park and Alton Towers open during the coronavirus pandemic. There are also plenty of other trails and hikes, as well as sightseeing tours that are all outdoors, so why not try one of these for your Christmas party 2020?

Smaller Group Outings
Depending on the guidelines in your area you might still be able to go out in groups of six. Current guidelines suggest that you shouldn’t mix with more than 1 household when going to pubs and restaurants in large parts of the UK. But if this is lifted to just a number of six people then you could look at booking tables for groups of 6 at a restaurant or pub to adhere to social distancing guidelines. If you have people living in different areas too, you could book restaurants close to them so that people don’t have to travel too far. This idea is largely dependent on government guidelines though, which must be taken seriously.

Cheese & Wine Night
If you can’t get out to a restaurant in your local area, then why not have food and drink at home and send a gift to your employees home address. You would likely spend much more on a Christmas party so why not send a cheese board and bottle of wine so that you can have a call over Zoom with the whole team? You could send a crate of beer or bottle of spirits depending on what people would prefer and have a tasting evening or something similar. Although you can’t all be together this can be a great solution to keep morale up and give your staff a little thank you for their hard work.

Online Secret Santa
Many workplaces have a secret santa tradition that can either be serious or silly and you might be thinking that you will miss out on secret santa this year. But you could still do a draw online and get people to post the gift directly to their secret santa. There is a free tool from Elfster which does the draw for you. So all you have to do is find a gift and get it sent to bring some joy to that person’s day. You could even set up a Zoom call with everyone to either open or show off the gifts they got from secret santa. Although we might not be able to get out of our homes or the office this year, there are still ways you can keep up Christmas traditions.

Virtual Christmas Party
Although this might not seem like the best solution, it could be a real possibility that there are no events to cater for larger groups. If you are concerned about the weather for outdoor events too, then a virtual Christmas party could be the perfect solution. We are all used to Zoom meetings by now so why not set up a meeting with everyone and have some time off for a Christmas party? You could work try setting up a quiz or game with the team over a Zoom call and offer a prize for the highest genuine score, no cheating! This might be the most practical solution this year with the ongoing uncertainty around coronavirus. There are also different companies that provide kits for theme parties like Murder Mystery Nights! “