Things to do During Your Lunch Break

“Lunch breaks can seem aimless and it is easy to get in the habit of eating your lunch at your desk. However, lunch should not be dismissed. Factors such as workload, stress and workplace culture can result in employees skipping their lunch break. Research suggests that this might not be the best decision for overall productivity, let alone your physical and mental wellbeing.
Taking a break has many benefits; such as connecting with colleagues, mindful consumption of lunch, and refreshing perspective by getting away from the desk. It can improve your mood, improve your perspective on work, re-energise you, reduce stress, and increase confidence. Even if in the short term, it may feel like you are wasting time, but in the long term you will be more productive and happier.
Below you will find 14 ideas to try out. Which is your favourite?

Listen to audio books or a Podcast.
Go on a walk.
40-minute work-out.
Mini spa (Head-massage/ Manicure/Facial, e.t.c.)
Get to know a colleague you don’t know. This helps create stronger relationships with peers.
Overcome a fear. Take a break from work and get your adrenaline pumping by doing something that frightens you. Go to a pet shop and pet an animal you fear, like a spider. If you have a dog phobia, then book to walk a dog on your lunch break with a colleague.
Self-care. Your mental wellbeing is important, it is important to treat yourself well. Exercise, eat well, drink well and rest well.
Meditation. Mediation can help you re-centre your energy and relax. It can be done anywhere.
Learn something new.
Do a puzzle. This could be word puzzles, word searches, mathematical puzzles or a good old picture puzzle, at the back of the office.
Build a Lunch Network. You could go to networking events near you during lunchtime.  LinkedIn does a collaboration with a start-up called “Let’s Lunch?”, which lets you connect with innovative companies over lunch. Employees can talk to employers, and employers can talk to potential employees.
Bring a board game and play with a few colleagues. Loosen up the work environment by bringing in some board games. Board games could include a strategic game of chess, childhood favourites or new card games.  You could even create a role playing game lunch club.
Bullet-Journal session. Bullet journaling is a great way to have a productive lunch, you can decorate your journal and use it creatively to organise your goals and task.
Phone App. There are apps for nearly everything. Here are some examples:

-Learn a new language
-Daily photo challenge
-Track your running activities
-Word puzzles
Difficulty choosing? Click here to go to the free lunchtime roulette.
Sometimes missing your lunch is inevitable, like an emergency lunch meeting, a pressing deadline or some other circumstantial situation that is unavoidable. The key is to not let it become a habit. Also, a number of the items above can be done from the comfort of your desk. Whilst it is beneficial to leave your desk at lunch, taking a break from work is the most important thing. If having lunch at your desk is hard to avoid, maybe try personalising your desk space with something like a desk plant, or make it more comfortable by investing an Ergonomic office chair.”