The Importance of Taking Annual Leave

“In today’s work-focussed society, it can be difficult to remember to take a break. With larger workloads and shorter deadlines, a break from work, whether it’s a few minutes or a few days, can be amazingly beneficial to your work ethic and your state of mind. Even if you’re working from home, holiday is still important, as your brain often needs more of a break than just stepping away from your desk. We all know how switching off in evenings is difficult to do – we all find ourselves checking our phones late into the evenings, long after we’ve clocked out.
Sometimes, it can be hard to remember that taking your annual leave can be beneficial to your business rather than detrimental. We’ve put together a list of reasons why it’s vital for you to take the occasional break from work.

Health benefits
One of the biggest benefits to you and your company is the health benefits. When you have the opportunity to take time away from your work and properly switch off, you can spend time relaxing and enjoying yourself. This is vital in reducing your stress levels and ensuring that you do not burn out. You may notice that when you’re especially stressed, illness often takes hold. This is due to your body being physically more run-down when you are under a lot of stress. Being more relaxed can reduce the number of days you will be forced to take if you become sick, which is beneficial to you, your work, and your colleagues.
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Time with loved ones
Now more than ever, the importance of spending time with loved ones has been made clear to us. With restrictions having been lifted, we are free to spend time with our friends and family, some of which we haven’t been able to see for months or maybe years. Time away from work allows you time to enjoy yourself and catch up on lost time. Work will always be there, so it‘s important to appreciate the ones around you while you can. It has been proven that employees with a better social support system are happier and perform better at work.

Higher creativity and performance
Creativity and innovation are starved when someone is confined to the same spaces and routines for months on end. It is important to let the brain relax and have fun. Being in new places and giving yourself a break from the same issues can bring strikes of inspiration. Furthermore, viewing old problems with a fresh perspective can often lead to finding a solution quicker than you might think.
Boosting your creativity can even happen during your workday. Find out our tips on how to be inspired whilst you’re on your lunch break.

It is clear that it’s also in your employer’s best interest to encourage colleagues to make use of their allocated holiday time. They should be encouraging people to take annual leave, which involves being clear on the holiday policies in place at the company. In addition, to avoid guilt surrounding taking time off, delegating tasks effectively throughout the year and ensuring everyone is undertaking a manageable amount of work is a vital part of the employer’s role.”