The Best Office Colours to Boost Productivity

“Did you know that the colours you paint in your office could have a huge impact on your productivity and motivation during your work day? Or that there are colours that could help reduce your stress levels when you are feeling overwhelmed? Here is our guide to the best home office colours that will boost productivity and generally make your workday better.

Blue is a healing colour with peaceful properties, often associated with the sky on a sunny day or the calming sea at the beach. If your job role is highly stressful, then having blue in your office may help you to feel calmer, which in turn will help you to be more productive.
The colour blue is also said to encourage people to think outside the box and stimulate creativity.

Red is often associated with love, which can invoke a passionate, emotional response by increasing the heart rate. It can also make a room feel warmer, which is great during the winter months!
The use of the colour red in your home office can be very stimulating and is great for giving you an all-important boost to work hard during the day. Being an intense colour, we would recommend pairing red with warm, soft tones to compliment.

Yellow is the colour of optimism and happiness. Often associated with the sun, the colour yellow can energise the brain and have a positive impact on your mental health due to the serotonin it makes the brain release. Interestingly, yellow is the first colour that the human eye notices.
Like blue, yellow is also known for its stimulating properties that can encourage more creativity. If your job requires you to be creative then yellow should definitely form part of your home office design.

Although the colour brown may not be the first colour you think to add to your home office for its impact on your productivity, it is definitely one to consider. The warm, neutral tones are associated heavily with the earth and sand, which can help you to feel grounded and lighten your mood.
It can also be easy to pair any brown in your office with a rich wooden desk.

The colour green is often associated with growth, hope and balance, all feelings which can have a positive impact on your work and productivity.
It is also representative of nature, which can help you to feel calm. This is particularly helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed with a large number of tasks and are struggling to complete them all.
Green is also a great colour to use in your home office as it does not create eye fatigue.

If painting your home office isn’t an option, you can still incorporate these colours through wall hangings, mood boards, soft furnishings and accessories. There are also a number of other things to keep in mind when thinking about boosting productivity and motivation such as organising your workspace and ensuring you have a comfortable chair that promotes good posture.