The Best Low Light Office Plants

“Office plants are a great way to personalise your office space, purify the air you breathe and cater to biophilia- our innate nature to connect with nature.  Research supports the view that nature contact at work is beneficial to employee health and stress. Indoor plants at work have been found to help reduce stress, increase productivity, improve employee health, which has shown to reduce absence rates and overall employee satisfaction.
Plants essentially need three basic things, water, light and co2. However, there is a variation between plant species on how much of these are needed for a plant to thrive. Your office environment does put a restriction on what kind of plants you can grow and enjoy. Your desk may not get enough light exposure, some plants require regular pruning, warmth, and daily watering, which you may not be able to provide. Lucky for you there are several low maintenance indoor plants that are perfectly suited for an office, where you can reap all the green benefits with minimal effort.
5 Easy to care office plants
Choosing a plant is hard, and the responsibility can seem daunting, but with direction, caring for a plant is super easy and has many benefits. We have put together a list of 5 easy to care for plants that are so low maintenance that you can take care of them from the comfort of your office chair.

Spider plant

Scientific name: Chlorophytum comosum
Light: Low light exposure plan. In the shade, partial light
Water: Can leave over the weekend without watering
Description: The leaves are long, thin and blade like, the colouring varies from just green to, green outer leaves with a white inner stripe running through the centre, inverse exists also. This is easy to propagate; you can snip off the small shoots and give to a colleague to pop in soil.


Scientific name:  few varieties i.e. Sedum morganianum, Schlumbergera x Buckleyi,   Sempervivum tectorum, family members of Cactaceae
Light: Direct sunlight
Water: minimal water
Description: Many types of succulents that have adapted to survive on very little water- great water retention abilities. Many varieties, sizes and shapes available, sometimes blooms very beautiful flowers. Cacti and Aloe Vera are a type of succulents. You can grow Aloe Vera at your desk, and harvest the leaves to treat sunburns, moisturise hands, reduce itching from bug bites, kill bacteria and purify air.


Scientific name: Epipremnum aureum
Light: Can survive in most places, low sunlight requirements
Water: Water when soil feels dry to touch
Description: Quick growing, evergreen vine with heart shaped leaves, that climbs and grows to 66ft. It is known as money plant and devil’s ivy. It is very easy to maintain as it thrives with little upkeep, and is hard to kill, staying green even when kept in the dark.

Snake plant

Scientific name: Sansevieria trifasciata
Light: Low light exposure.
Water: Water plant every 2-6 weeks dependant on office’s temperature, light exposure and humidity.
Description: Great indoor plant that is hardy and purifies the air you breathe. They are native to West Africa; the leaves have high water retention capabilities and can be described as succulent, heavy plants. It is also known as mother-in-laws’s tongue. Too much water can cause roots to rot.


Scientific name: DRACAENA
Light: Low light exposure.
Water: weekly
Description: Known to “ward off evil spirits”. Sturdy root structure that contributes to it being a symbol of prosperity. These high growth rate plants come in different varieties,  they can be grown in water or soil.
Plants are a great way to add some colour into the workplace. Click here for more ways to spruce up your office environment.”