The Best Free Online Team Building Games

“Now that the world of work has gone remote (and may not be returning), the social side of the workplace needs some extra TLC. For the moment, gone are the days of a Friday post-work visit to the pub, or competitions in the office, or even Fantasy League. We’re also living in a unique time where new employees might be starting a role with a company – but starting off remote, without actually ever having met their employer or new colleagues beyond a Zoom call. This is where free online team building games can be a huge help. It can be tricky for those managing remote working teams to know how to keep the office buzz feeling alive.

We’ve watched as the world has turned to online pub quizzes and team video calls to keep that social aspect and team building exercises alive. But as time goes on and there seems to be no end to working from home in sight, you’re likely finding yourself looking for more creative ways to find opportunities for team bonding.
Here, we’re sharing the best free online team building games to the office feelings back to pre-lockdown levels.

Office Bingo

Here’s an idea that simply requires a bit of preparation and a video call platform. You can work up or download digital bingo sheets and distribute them to the team digitally. Then all you have to do is set up a team video call and arrange some digital prizes (vouchers are always welcome) and enjoy some competitive fun.

This is a great activity to introduce when the team has all been working remote, or if you have a new starter who needs a chance to meet the team and get friendly.


This is another game that is ideal if you have some new starters on your team, and all it requires is a few organised video calls. Break the team down into groups of 3-4 people and set up their own conference call. Throughout the call, the objective is for the group to find 3 things they have in common. This may be that they all have a dog, they all are Game of Thrones fans, or perhaps it’s that they all got degrees that they don’t actually use.
The point of this game is to encourage conversation between employees and to find common ground. It can be a fun way to get the team to know each other better, and introduce new employees into the mix easily.

Three Truths and a Lie

This is a classic group activity, which has been used in every setting from training courses to sports teams. All that’s needed for this activity is to coordinate a time for everyone to join a video call with 4 prepared facts about themselves. 3 of these facts need to be true, and one must be a lie. Each person shares their 4 facts, and the rest of the team has to try and correctly identify which of the facts is a lie. This is a fantastic way to get to know unusual things about people.
This is an especially effective game if you have some new starters on the team, but that’s not necessary. You can still have a lot of fun trying to think of facts that the rest of the team you’ve been working with for a while wouldn’t actually know!

5. Pictionary
All the team needs for this is a video call with a screen sharing option, and the Paint app! Take turns sharing the screen and draw away, while members of the team try to guess what each person is depicting with their drawing.
This game is great for teams that are well established, as it presents plenty of opportunities to joke, tease, and also use knowledge of each other to help guess what everyone is drawing!