Steps to Spring Clean Your Office

“Spring cleaning is usually something you associate with your home, however in the last 12 months for many of us our home has simultaneously become our place of work, too. By taking the time to spring clean your desk and workstation you will be able to help improve your overall level of performance and productivity on a day-to-day basis, whether this is from your home or once you eventually return to the office.

Sometimes getting started is often the toughest stage, so if you’re unsure where exactly to start we have produced a short office cleaning checklist for you to begin to work through below.

Disinfect Your Desk
If you’ve learnt anything in the last year it’s to take better care of killing germs and bacteria. It is important to regularly give your desk a thorough clean with disinfectant or antibacterial wipes. Not only does this take away the risk of any harmful bacterias but it also forces you to tidy up any loose paperwork and lingering clutter. After all, a healthy desk leads to a healthy mind.

Keep Only What You Need
It’s so easy for your desk to become cluttered and filled with junk. Therefore it’s important to identify what you really need for your day at work. If it’s something that’s not essential then get it off your desk and either neatly stored away or in the bin because, if it’s not there to help, it’s there to distract. For most, all you’ll need is a pen and pad, keyboard, mouse and phone. Anything beyond that is not a necessity for your day.

Clear Your Homescreen
Most office cleaning guides will focus on the physical cleaning of your office and workspace, however it’s important to cleanse your virtual workspace too. If your desktop screen is filled with icons and messy folders it could instantly begin to stress you out before you’ve even got started with your day. Take some time to go through each file and folder and tidy them away, create a better filing system to help keep things tidy and easy to find, instead of scattered all over the place.

Divide Your Workspace
By taking the steps to divide your work area you will not only increase tidiness, but also overall efficiency; as you’ll know exactly where everything is kept and it’ll encourage you to maintain the same level of organisation moving forward as well.

Whether you decide to use paper dividers, or folders to arrange your desk into zones, it is an essential part of creating an efficient area to work within.

Spruce Up Your Workplace
As important as it is to clear clutter and remove any mess from your workstation you still want it to look nice and feel motivational for you. Make sure you’re adding certain features to help you get the most from your day, maybe add a couple of plants to your place of work, some helpful desk accessories or a nice poster on the wall. After all, you want this to be a place you feel comfortable and productive.