Providing Your Employees with Team Player Skills

“One of the most important factors when it comes to building your team at work is to make sure that your employees have team player skills. But this isn’t always something that people have before they arrive in the workplace, as they might not have worked within a team before. You will also find that many people are skilled technically, but don’t possess as many social or team working skills. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t learn how to work as part of a team and integrate better into the workplace. Our guide provides you with some top tips on how to provide your employees with team player skills.
Employee Recognition
One of the most common problems in any office is employee recognition, with divisions often coming when people suck-up to the boss. This can make people annoyed as they feel other employees are getting positive attention when it’s not for the actual work they do. An important way to remove this atmosphere in the workplace is to make sure that you don’t treat any of your employees differently. You should also make sure that you have an employee recognition system in place to award hard work by other employees. Having a proper system where you award employees on their merit can help to create better teamwork in the office.
Avoid Gossip
Another way that employees can become divided in the office is if they are spending time gossiping or constantly talking about non-work-related matters. Although not all chat between employees needs to be stopped, gossiping can lead to people feeling left out and wondering what others are discussing. A good way to avoid some of this talk in the office is to provide the team with breaks and organise meetings with the whole team. This gives people an opportunity to talk so that they are not always gossiping at their desks. You can also install a work schedule for everyone so that you always keep your workforce busy.
Setting Goals
It can also be off-putting for team members when you have long-serving staff members that are constantly overachieving. This can leave newer members of the team feeling insignificant and not striving as hard to reach their full potential. It can also lead to resentment within the team as your other employees might feel like only one person gets all the credit. Setting individual goals for your employees and emphasising that their work is important to the business can help to remove this from the team. This will also help your employees to see each other as equals rather than rivals.
Team Outings
You can also help to instil teamwork in your employees by organising more team outings and events. Treating these as team building events and looking for active things you can do is an ideal way to help employees bond with each other. Taking a half day out of work and organising a work event can be hugely beneficial for building better teamwork. People socialise outside of work and often spend time getting to know each other more personally. This can help them to bond in the workplace as they have a better understanding of each other.
Providing the right environment within the office can also be the ideal way to help turn your employees into team players. If you haven’t got good ergonomic furniture in your office space, then look at what we provide. Office Chairs have a wide range of office furniture for all kinds of spaces.”