Product Insight: Humanscale Float – Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

“With changing work patterns in the modern workplace, many people are actually spending a lot less time sitting and are on their feet much more. This can often mean leaning over a desk to write things down or quickly check something at your desktop. However, this can lead to back pain and it isn’t good for your health to do so on a regular basis. That’s why sit stand or standing desks are becoming a popular option for many. The Humanscale Float is a revolutionary piece of office furniture that takes on this concept and offers one of the most versatile workstations on the market. We take a look into its design and how it could change the way you work.
Versatile Workstation
Coming from the Humanscale Design Studio, this sit stand desk provides a versatile workstation to suit all your needs. The revolutionary design offers a height adjustable desk that allows you to move seamlessly from sitting to standing. This means you can always have the right posture when working to avoid any health issues. It’s easy to use with simple mechanisms that allow you to easily change the height of the desk. It also means that the desk can be adjusted at seating position to perfectly match your height.
It uses a unique counterbalance system that has been patented to ensure a stable workstation. It is even available in an electric option so that you can move effortlessly between sitting and standing at your desk. Unlike previous variants on standing desks, the Humanscale Float removes slow motors and noisy mechanisms for lifting the desk and allows the user to do so with ease. This allows you to have the best posture throughout the day.
Features of the Humanscale Float
If you spend a lot of time standing at work or could benefit from standing for some of the working day instead of always sitting, then the Humanscale Float could be perfect to meet your needs. There are a number of features with the sit-stand desk that make it a much better choice than many of the other desks that are available. Some of the best features include;

Simplicity; one of the best features of the Float is its simple design. You can change the height of the desk with ease and the intuitive design allows for changing weight loads.
Sustainable; you will be pleased to know that the Humanscale Float is also made from sustainable materials and recycled parts, so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.
Customisable; the desk is also customisable so that it can incorporate everything you need to go about your working day, including monitor arms, keyboard systems and much more!

Humanscale Design Studio
Humanscale is a leading office furniture manufacturer and their design studio is responsible for some of the greatest innovations in ergonomic design. Their headquarters is located in New York City and their team is made up of many designers, engineers and prototypists. They follow the principle that good design achieves more with less, which lends itself to their minimalistic, yet highly effective, design. Their award-winning innovation comes from years of experience and research to ensure they are providing the best products.If the Humanscale Float is the perfect work solution that you are looking for, then head over to the product page below and customise your desk today.Humanscale Float Sit / Stand Height Adjustable Desk£1080”