Our Favourite Working From Home GIFs

In times of crisis, life can often seem more serious and stressful. Working from home throughout the Coronavirus pandemic has presented a wealth of challenges for many people across the world; being inside all day, juggling home life, educating children while working from home, and being away from friends, family, and colleagues. However, who hasn’t loved the flexible working hours, comfy clothes, and relaxation that working from home brings? Believe it or not, a recent study from Harvard Business Review has also shown that work from home employee performance has increased by 13% compared to those working in the office.
We’re here to inject some laughter into the world with our favourite working from home GIFs that perfectly sum up the working from home lifestyle. Take a look for some relatable laughs!1. Woohoo, an extra hour in bed.
2. Staying home isn’t too bad, right?
3. What’s better, you don’t have to wear any trousers.
4. Who knew you could do this much work from your bed?
5. But then realising that this isn’t the most comfortable way of working.
6. How do virtual meeting apps even work?
7. Staying focused can be hard.
8. Especially when there’s an endless supply of snacks.
9. And not to mention the TV.
10. This is harder than I thought. Please let me back in the office!
11. Maybe 10 minutes of exercise will make me feel better.
12. Last hour of work. Let’s get this done!
13. Agh it’s 5pm. Time to stay at home for the evening.
Images via GIPHY