Office Supplies Every Company Needs

“Though often overlooked, office supplies are simply essential to support employees in getting their work done day after day. When starting up in a new office, you might immediately think of all the steps in moving to a new office. However, what shouldn’t be forgotten are the items that we use every day. Desks, lamps, and all the other purchases that likely surround you right now!
But the world of office equipment is wide and diverse, covering every type of office and budget. Some offices will need to cater to a variety of departments and employees while others will simply provide the basics to every employee. Whatever the size and type of company you work in, the essential office supply list will remain the same. Take a look below for some of the most important office supplies for your business.

What to Consider When Shopping for Supplies
There are countless factors involved in any workplace decision, not least the purchases made to furnish the office surroundings. To ensure products are meeting your needs and improving the workplace, consider the following elements for each item.

Budget: The first and foremost consideration is cost. Can the business afford to purchase and maintain the item?

Portability: If the product will need to be moved, is there amply equipment and space to do so?

Size: Is the product large enough or small enough to fit in the office?

Design: Is the tone of the business matched by the aesthetics of the item? Is it easy to build or dismantle?

Durability: How long will the product last before needing to fork out for a new one?

Office Equipment List
Chairs and Desks
The staple of your office is, of course, your desks and office chairs. You should have ample desks to cover all your employees, should there be the opportunity for all employees to come into the office. If budget is a concern, consider how many desks and chairs are really necessary with your remote and hybrid working policies. You may need far less than you think.
Chairs should provide good support for workers in the office, ensuring they stay comfortable and healthy throughout their working lives. Our range of ergonomic office chairs offers an excellent range of affordable, quality chairs for your office. If working with a small space, you’ll need to be clever about your office furniture. Portable or foldable office desks and chairs make for short-notice meeting or presentation rooms while allowing for more space when not in use.
Furthermore, consider creating social spaces as well as just working spaces. These can serve as lunch or break rooms, creating a comfortable area to relax and chat with colleagues face to face. Office Chairs UK offer a great range of sofas and armchairs for such occasions.

PCs and Printers
Another item on your vital office supplies list is both computers and printers, the main technology elements required by a business. Most office-based careers will require computers for the majority of tasks while printers are essential for many areas of business. You might also require a way to dispose of private documents, like a shredder, to reduce security risks for you and your clients.

Office Storage
If your company needs to store a lot of information on paper, office storage is an important aspect of the office environment. Filing cabinets, shelving and more will all help to keep the space organised, providing somewhere to put binders and piles of important documents. While every employee may not need such storage, it’s good to have at least a few storage options around the office building.

While more and more things are moving online, office stationery is invaluable. Having a pen to jot down vital information is often taken for granted and can be the difference between forgetting and remembering something important. It might be a comment from a client or a great takeaway from a brainstorm – whatever it is, employees will need a pad and paper to store this information, maybe clips to collate documents, and pins to display reminders around the office. You could even invest in branded stationery to give your office a more uniform feel and to spread awareness of your brand outside the office environment.

Office Lighting
Built-in office lighting is not always optimal. Flickering fluorescent bulbs can not only cause eye problems for employees but also create a dull and uninspiring environment. Providing lamps around the office will brighten up the place, literally and metaphorically, reducing any possible damage that eyestrain might cause in a dark office space. Why not experiment and branch out with exciting lighting choices, but bare in mind this is nevertheless a representation of your company and brand.

Aside from the basic office supplies, there are countless possible accessorising additions to an office that could make it a more comfortable and colourful place to work for your employees. Monitor stands, coat stands, dry wipe boards and much more can save time and create more meaningful work every day, all of which are available at great prices from professional brands on our website.