Office Pets: Do They Promote Productivity?

“These days it doesn’t seem too much of an outlandish idea to have an office pet. There are many advantages to having an office pet in the workplace, such as reducing employee stress and improving job satisfaction. In this blog, we weigh up the pros and cons of keeping a pet in the office and determining whether or not they promote productivity.

Stress reduction

Stress in the workplace is fairly common and is inevitable, as there are many of us that can feel overwhelmed by workload or other problems. Studies show that pets can actually improve stress levels, as they create a comfortable environment to work in. Having a friendly pet in the office can counterbalance tension, and when you think about how adorable pets are, it makes great sense having them around in a high-stress environment.

Morale boosting

Having a friendly pet in the office can be an instant mood booster for employees. If you’re dealing with tight deadlines or anything else which can cause stress, petting a dog for a minute or two can make you feel relaxed and more content.

Healthier lifestyle

Some office pets, such as dogs, need to be taken outside regularly. Keeping an office dog active not only helps prevent behaviour issues but also gives employees the opportunity to take a short break outside. After all, active pets require active humans!

Attractive to prospective employees

If you look at it from a recruitment point of view, having happy employees is a huge bonus to prospective employees. The promise of an office pet is a great incentive! It is definitely one of the best ways to attract top industry talent.



Work-life balance is a great pro of having an office pet, however, employees can become easily distracted by their presence. While speedy walks and the occasional petting can be beneficial, some pets may be needier than others and end up wasting employee time in the office. Always ensure that your work is the main priority and not the office pet!


Some people are allergic to pets, and this can, therefore, create tension in the office. Being considered a disability, allergies must be taken seriously and reasonable accommodations should be made. A similar rule should be followed for those who dislike or are not fond of certain pets.


Whilst having a pet is beneficial in the office, you don’t want the workplace to start smelling like a pet store or become messy. Small things like extra hair and dirt can be an annoyance for the cleaner, and even some employees who favour a clean, tidy workspace. If you do opt for an office pet, be sure to keep the space clean and tidy.

So, the final question. Do office pets promote activity? As you can see, there are definitely more benefits to having an office pet than there are cons. Pets bring out joy and positivity, so it is definitely a good idea to bring them into work life, as long as employees are happy and ta close eye is kept on the pet.