Meal Prep Lunch Ideas For Work

“We all find motivation at work in different ways. Having something delicious and healthy to look forward to on your lunch break is a great way to get yourself through the morning, as well as refuel for the afternoon. After all, a lunch break should be a time to reset and boost your creativity.
Sticking to a healthy diet can feel difficult, particularly at work, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to give you some inspiration when it comes to lunch ideas at work. Our ideas should help to save time and money while creating tasty and healthy meals. Let’s get started.

Tasty Veg Salads
Don’t be scared off by the idea of limp lettuce and boring cucumber. Salads can be so much more than just greenery. Roasted vegetables, pulses, proteins and grains of all kinds are welcome in your salads, which can be prepped in bulk in advance and stored in your fridge or simply prepped before you run out the door for work. These can be enjoyed cold, which is great if you’re headed to an office with no kitchenette to speak for. From couscous salads like this Tabbouleh from Taste of Home to Avocado Panzanella, salads can be as exciting as you make them.

Pasta Salads
If you aren’t convinced about salads, a pasta salad is an easy and more familiar lunch to choose. You can cook a large batch of your favourite pasta recipes, be that vegetable, chicken, or fish, and store portions in tupperware ready to reheat. Meal prepping this way is the perfect way to create meals you love and save money, making it go further.  If meat is used, you’ll want to make sure you have some means of heating up your lunch, like a microwave. You can also swap pasta for rice for a similar result!

Sandwiches or Bagels
Sandwiches and bagels don’t have to be boring. Forget cheese and ham, we’re talking fresh and tasty ingredients full of flavour. You can create tasty mixtures to bring separately, building your sandwich from scratch at your desk or office kitchen, to avoid soggy messes come lunchtime. Chickpeas, avocados, and even leftovers from dinner can be delicious sandwich fillers. And if you are a little tired of your regular sandwiches, why not replace bread with bagels? This is a sturdier and often more filling base for your work lunch.

Soups are an incredibly versatile and easy choice for lunch. There are an infinite number of types of soup, covering all tastes and dietary requirements. If you haven’t found a soup you enjoy yet, you haven’t been looking hard enough! Chicken, beef, leek, sweet potato – the options really are endless. Soups are another excellent batch meal that can be stored in an airtight container, ready to be popped in the microwave at 1 pm.

Overnight Oats
The concept of overnight oats may be entirely new to you, or you could be an expert! Overnight oats require porridge oats and whatever you wish to flavour them with, creating a tasty, healthy and super easy lunchtime option. Spices, fruits, grains and more can all be added to create more flavour and texture in your overnight oats. Kale, sriracha, and even soft-boiled eggs can all create a delicious savoury option – all just sitting in the fridge and working their magic while you sleep. Find a whole breadth of overnight oats recipes to enjoy.

Work Snacks
If big meals are not your style, you might find healthy snacks a great way to stay fueled when in the office, or working from home! Snacks tend to be quicker to prepare and pack than a whole meal, so bear that in mind if you struggle to find the time to make your packed lunches. Snacks can be as easy as pitta bread and hummus, crackers and dip, or even a bowl of cashews to enjoy. Easily modified and handy to transport, snacks like this are ideal for peckish bellies in the office.
Lunchtime is as important as the time you spend working so don’t let it fall flat. For more key tips on how to improve health and well-being while at work, our blog can help.”