How To Prepare For An Office Move

“No matter how big or small, office relocations can be stressful. Rooting up a whole business and transporting it across a city or country is no mean feat. With the physical relocation of furniture, utilities to transfer, and other administrative tasks to take care of, it can be challenging to keep track of all that there is to do.

When you’ve identified a new site for your office, you can begin the long process of relocating your business and employees. Preparation is the key to perfecting a seamless office relocation. The more you plan and coordinate a relocation, the easier moving day becomes. Imagining all that an office move entails can be tricky, particularly when this is the first move your company is undertaking. We’ve put together some of the most common and easy to forget steps to remember on your office move checklist from before the move to settling in.

Collate Important Documents

Office move administration is often a minefield, particularly if you don’t have all the necessary documents to hand. Important documents might have been misplaced, stored digitally, or left in the care of employees who have now moved on from the company. Beginning this stage early will allow ample time to track down vital documents, such as insurance certificates, building leases, lease agreements, and other official confirmations.

Review Current Lease

When it comes to planning your moving date, you should consider your current lease. There may be a way of breaking a longer contract with your landlord or choosing a moving date to accommodate a lease that is already coming to an end. This is an important step to be able to start a new property lease and avoid any unnecessary fees for ending a contract early.

Map Out New Location
It’s also a great idea to plan how your new office will be organised. The different departments, meeting rooms, and any other existing areas in your office should be accounted for in your new space. To streamline moving day, it’s an excellent idea to plan where your existing furniture will go, perhaps even going as far as creating a model. If the new workspace has several floors, it will help your business removal company to know where each item is headed, which will also speed up the settling in process and ensure that you and your teams can get back to work as soon as possible.

Setting A Budget
If moving a larger business with a higher employee count, an office relocation team might be needed to take on the organisation of the move. One of the responsibilities of this team could be to set a budget for the move, as well as create a moving plan. The set figure should consider all possible costs, from physical relocation of furniture to creating new security passes.

With all the planning and figurative thinking, particularly with an internal planning team, information is often missed by the wider audience. All employees should be informed of all decisions to avoid any confusion. The company would suffer if employees are left out of the loop, particularly if changes could negatively impact them, so asking for feedback at each stage is the best way to ensure the move is as seamless as possible. Employees may also have additional office furniture requirements, like standing desks or ergonomic chairs, that you should consider for your new office location.
Communicating externally is equally if not more important. This is the stage at which you should be communicating with external providers, like WiFi companies, and any other companies with which you have close professional relationships. Change of address could impact any number of links to other businesses, including any which involve payment, so you should ensure this is accounted for in your office move checklist.

Consider Office Furniture
Every office move is different. There are likely specialist items of equipment in your office, such as printers or photocopiers, that will require extra attention. Office removal companies may need notice of such items so that they can get the right equipment and people to manage them properly on moving day. Creating an itemised list of all the furniture that needs moving would be great to ensure nothing is missed, damaged, or forgotten during the move.
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