How to Motivate Employees

“Keeping employees motivated is a challenge for any business. Motivated employees are proven to deliver benefits for your business. Here we outline how to motivate people in the workplace, exploring how businesses can do to inspire and compel team members.
Set clear goals
Setting clear goals is the foundation for motivating your team. Allocate an hour or so to set clear goals and give them a purpose, whilst still giving people ownership over the work that they are doing. Make sure that the goals you set are achievable, perhaps setting smaller goals each week supposed to larger ones each month. For example, rather than aiming for a billion new customers a year, aim for 100 a week. Then reward your team by allowing an afternoon off or going out for a meal. This will show employees that your goals are realistic, showing that everyone will benefit from working hard.
It is important to always be open and honest with employees, even if the news you give is negative. This is vital, as it means everyone has the chance to ask questions and give relevant feedback. Employees should feel included in big decisions so that they feel a sense of commitment to the business. Not only will this improve motivation, but it will also increase company loyalty.
Radiate positivity
It is important to be enthusiastic in the office, as this will eventually spread to your employees. Projecting positive energy will increase energy, essentially making employees happier. If you are looking to liven up your office, perhaps play music, play games and allow people to have fun. Make it clear that your office boats a ‘work hard play hard’ culture.
Be flexible
Flexibility is key when it comes to motivating employees and keeping them happy. With developments in technology, it is becoming easier tor reply to emails and finishes projects at home. In a recent Forbes study, 46% of respondents reported that flexibility is the most important factor when searching for a job.
Offer food
Are good snacks the key to em[the employee retention? Possibly. This may seem like a small factor, but it can really make a difference in the office. Having snacks can make employees feel more appreciated, with 38% of people saying that food offers  would encourage them to endorse the employer in a ‘best places to work’ survey (Seamless survey)
Encourage friendly competition
A little healthy competition among the employees doesn’t hurt. A competitive environment can increase productivity. Perhaps arrange small challenges and competitions to encourage employee engagement, which can also lead to increased camaraderie.
Finding the perfect motivation method for your team is tricky, so it’s best to maybe test out a few. Every company is different, some may work and some may not. Do not forget that an employee that enjoys coming to work is a worthy investment.