How to Keep Your Office Plants Alive (for longer)

Office plants not only bring a splash of colour to your working space but are also a great way to personalise your desk. Office plants have also been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels in work environments – ultimately leading to happier and healthier employees. However, keeping your office plant alive can seem impossible and at times it can feel like a constant battle between you and mother nature. Here is a guide on how to keep your office plants happy and healthy.
Try not to over water your plant
It is no mystery that plants need water, just as every other organism on earth does. However, after a long day at the office the last thing you want to do before you leave is to make sure you water the plant. It all comes down to knowing what your specific plant needs – every plant is different! As it turns out, your office plant does not need to be drenched. Just give the plant enough water to moisten the soil, and in the warmer months a little more. This way, your plant is in constant supply of water.
Consider your surroundings
How much lighting do you have available to you? The average office is far darker than the environment outside, because after all, light can’t pass through brick walls. The duration of light exposure is also vital to keeping your plant alive and happy. Try and give your plant a whole day’s sunlight. There are several indicators that your plant is getting too much sunlight – including yellow discolouration on the leaves and wilting. If you can set your plant near the window for most of the day, this will definitely benefit the plant if it is a type that requires high sunlight exposure.
In addition, be conscious of the temperature inside of your office. Plants don’t like to be too hot/dry, so find possible ways to increase the humidity. Try misting your plants with water to raise the humidity around the plant. Although this is only temporary, it will help with the plant’s growth.
Repot your plant
If you want your plants to last longer, you must re-pot them. Every two years ensure that your plants are re-potted in a slightly larger pot with some fresh soil. The best season to repot is the beginning of spring. This is when the plant enters a vegetation phase (a leaf growing phase) – and will be better equipped to deal with the changing of pots.
Get the right plant for you
Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are still a great deal of plants you can easily keep alive and healthy in your office space.

Aloe Vera – Place the Aloe Vera in a sunny spot (a window ledge would be ideal) and water it sparingly. Not only is Aloe Vera easy to maintain, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for that guy in the office that’s always getting papercuts.

Oxalis – Oxalis, or wood sorrels, are fun houseplants which can add a splash of colour to any office environment. Keep it on a windowsill that doesn’t get direct sun to keep it healthy. A bonus is that the plant can revive itself from the dead! If the plant dies, it will repair itself when good conditions are restored – perfect for when you go on holiday!

Croton – The Croton plant has a bush like appearance and produces big colours all year round with its vibrant red and yellow leaves. This plant does not require direct sunlight and can be kept in partially shaded areas.

Jade plant – Jade plants are a common houseplant and thrive in sunny conditions. They are fairly easy to care for and shouldn’t be watered too often. Jade plants are super pretty and can easily turn any desk into a beautiful space.