How to Decorate your Office without Going Over the Top

When making decorations for your office so it looks nice, it is important to make sure you’re not just solely spending time on that and you are also doing your work because if your decorations look too over the top then your company may think you are spending more time on them than actual work. That’s why we’ve made this blog so you can see where you can get both your Christmas decorations and work done.
Christmas Baubles in a Vase
Christmas baubles and lights in a jar can look professional but definitely add Christmas cheer to your office. All you need to do is buy some Christmas baubles, preferably some that will fit in with your desk; a vase of any size although if it is too big it might take up too much room. You will then need some Christmas lights, it doesn’t matter which ones you get as long as they look pretty. Firstly, put the Christmas lights in the jar and make sure they spread out, so it looks good. Once you’ve put them in, put the baubles in, it doesn’t really matter what order as long as it doesn’t look too messy. Turn your lights on and you will see how the little design can add a great amount of Christmas spirit to your desk but not be so in your face about it.
Decorating your Door
One of the positives of being able to decorate your office door is that you can style it to your own design. You may decide to just make some fake snow and place it on your door. However, some people go to the extreme of decorating every single speck of their door with fake Christmas fires and Grinch’s on the door and some even decorate their whole door as the door to a gingerbread house. Now although some of these may be a bit over the top, it can guarantee some Christmas joy and laughs. You never know, you may be able to make a bit of a Christmas competition out of it within the office.
Christmas Baubles on Ribbon
If you can successfully hang Christmas baubles on some ribbon, then it can look nice when attached to the roof of your office because it adds an extravagant and Christmassy look to your office. Plus, not only does it make your office look better but it is also simple on how to make, therefore due to its simple creative process you can make loads of them and place them all around the business.
Christmas Tree & Tinsel
In your office all you need to get into the Christmassy spirit is a small Christmas tree and some tinsel, with the Christmas tree you can place it on your desk as you’re only going to be buying a really small one and then with that you can decorate it like an actual tree with tinsels and lights. If you have any leftover tinsel from the tree, then maybe it’s best to put that on your monitor screen and other parts of your computer or office where it would fit in. If it doesn’t look messy, it can really add an impressive look to your office.If your company are happy to do so then you could even add a larger tree in reception.Follow these simple steps to make the most of Christmas in the office and spread a little bit of Christmas cheer!”