How to choose the right furniture for your home office

“Whether you are working part time or full time from home, it is important that you have the right furniture to make sure that you’re comfortable, alert and productive. It’s vital to create an office environment in your home that is exclusively for work. Choosing the right home office furniture is an important part of this process and, as office furniture experts, we’ve provided some helpful some tips for the modern home-worker.
Be comfortable
One of the most important things to remember when choosing furniture for your home office is to make sure that you are comfortable. Although you don’t want to be too relaxed while working, you shouldn’t be constantly distracted by an unnatural working posture or furniture unsuitable for work. If you are uncomfortable at your desk there can be more reason to want to get up and move about. Make sure that you choose a chair that is comfortable but still gives you the right ergonomic support. The Orangebox Do Chair is a great versatile chair that would be perfect for your home office. While the best ergonomic chairs come at a cost, it can be a great investment if you’re spending long periods sitting in it. Your body will thank you in the long run.
Mark the spot
You should make sure that your home office is somewhere that you want to spend your time. In this instance, it is important that you make the office space your own and mark the spot with some choice furniture pieces. By making the space your own you are more likely to want to spend time in your office and be less distracted. Adding a centrepiece such as a painting or a wall clock can make the space more personal and give you less reason to be distracted. There are plenty of home office clocks and home office lighting choices that will transform any room in your house into your dream office.
Matching furniture
While it is certainly more cost-effective to commandeer existing furniture from other rooms in your house. you do need to make sure your home office feels as much like an office environment as possible. Choosing new, matching furniture can help to make any room feel more like an office area and less like a temporary measure. Even small touches like matching your furniture and shelving can help to keep you focused and motivated on the task at hand. Creating a space that feels separate to the rest of your home will make all the difference.
Choosing the right desk
One important factor that people often forget when setting up a home office is to choose the right desk to suit the environment. Many people often use a desk that is too small or sit at a dining table when working from home, but this can be counter-productive. You should make sure that the desk suits your working environment and provides enough room for your work requirements. If you don’t have enough space, then you’ll likely become frustrated and move about. You might want to consider a sit / stand desk at home if you find that you’re always on your feet. Take a look online at our range of home office desks and find the one that is right for you.”