How to Celebrate Work Anniversaries & Employee Birthdays

“Celebrating work anniversaries and birthdays at work plays a huge role in employee appreciation and in building your company culture. A simple token shows your appreciation and can really create a ‘wow moment’ for your employees. Here are some simple gestures that can be used to celebrate these special days.
Personalised cards
A card to acknowledge a birthday or work anniversary won’t break the bank but will highlight to your employee that they are valued and that their special day is important to you too. Creating something that is personalised, or even branded to your business, shows that extra thought and effort has been made. Get prepared by designing various templates with a graphic design tool, then when a special date is approaching, you can select a template, amend and send it to print!
Desk decorations
It’s amazing how much impact balloons and banners can have on an office desk for a special occasion. This simple gesture can be very budget-friendly, as banners can be reused multiple times throughout the year.
Desk decorations aren’t always an option if your business follows a hybrid or work from home model. If this is the case then sending a ‘celebration package’ that includes items to brighten up your employees’ workspace could be a great alternative.  Edible treats
Cupcakes, brownies, doughnuts, cookies – the options are endless! The old office tradition of bringing in treats to celebrate birthdays at work has dwindled over the years, so why not surprise your employees with something delicious for their workplace anniversary or birthday. This is also a great birthday celebration to send remote employees.
Public Announcements
Announcing a special occasion either to the wider team or through your company’s social media is a great opportunity to publicly thank your employees for their hard work. Hearing these words of celebration and appreciation will definitely make your team feel great.
Bonus Annual Leave Days
When an employee celebrates a birthday at work or a workplace anniversary, why not give the gift of relaxation time? An additional day off to celebrate is a great way to allow some time to relax and destress.

Gift Cards
If you want to provide a monetary gift but aren’t sure what to buy, a gift card gives your employees the chance to choose their own treat and buy something they really want. It also allows you to budget at the beginning of the year for all the upcoming occasions (give or take new starters and leavers).
Team Drinks or Meal
Arrange to take the team for some drinks or a meal so that you can all enjoy some time together to celebrate special occasions. This option is also brilliant for team building and social interaction, especially if you are no longer all working in the office at the same time.

By recognising workplace anniversaries and birthdays, your employees will feel genuinely appreciated and valued, which will have a positive impact on your employee engagement levels. After all, happier employees will work harder! There is no need to do everything for every occasion and you may decide to reserve some of the grander gestures for milestone events. Picking and choosing from some of these options, forward planning and being creative will allow you to work to your budget.”