How The Wrong Chair Can Cause Back Pain

“We all know that sitting in a chair all day is bad for your health, especially your back. But why is this? Well, humans were not designed to sit in the position that most non-ergonomic  chairs put us in. Our backs have been evolved for a hunter-gatherer type lifestyle, in fact, there are very few complaints from tribe’s people today about back pain, somewhat proving the theory.
Typically the wrong office chair puts your back in a straight position when it should in fact curve inwards. As your weight bears down on your pelvis the chair pushes the base of the pelvis up. This pressure causes your spine to bend forward into an unnatural position and puts a strain on to your ligaments.
Most people tend to naturally slouch over or down in their seat, this worsens the situation. After extended periods of time, this pressure builds up and you start to ache. This is why it is important to stand and stretch regularly (at least once an hour) and take short breaks often.
There are many symptoms of back pain caused from sitting, these include:

An achy, dull pain and soreness
Difficulty moving with ease
Pain that spreads to the groin, buttocks and upper thighs
Muscle spasms

Pain can be ongoing for days or weeks before easing and can sometimes be just as bad, if not worse in the legs and feet. You may also suffer from other symptoms such as numbness and weakness too. These symptoms are the same as you would get after driving a long distance or flying long haul. The cause is all the same, sitting for too long.
Other Common Back Conditions Include:
Mechanical Back Pain
Unlike the above, this is not brought on by constant sitting but rather one sudden action. This could be something as simple as quickly twisting to reach the phone or lifting something incorrectly. Doctors often find it hard to diagnose and again it can take a long time before the pain is relieved.
Slipped Discs
This is also caused by an action rather than long periods of sitting. It could be due to bending or lifting something incorrectly and the pain will be much worse than an ache.
If you are suffering from lower back pain then you can find some tips to help relieve the pain here. Alternatively, it’s important that you address this before it becomes an issue by paying special attention to your office chair of choice.”