How Technology Is Helping Us Work From Home

“Our computers have meant that the world of work could continue during the difficult past few years. Working days have been completely shaken up by drastic limitations to our lives and we’ve all felt the effects. Technology has meant that we can work more efficiently, comfortably, and effectively than ever before.When we say technology, there is a wide range of elements which we have to thank for the transformation in working from home. Computers, wi-fi, and a range of different software and programmes have all played a part in our ability to work from home. In this article, we will take a look at just some of the ways that technology is helping us to perform our jobs from the comfort of our own homes.
Working From Anywhere
The main advantage that technology provides us with when we think of working from home is flexibility – across all spheres. If we can log in from our computers from any location, granted there is an internet connection, this makes it far easier to work from wherever we want. At home, at a friend’s house, at a coffee shop – wherever we need to be at a moment’s notice, the chances are we can probably get some work done. Technology also means that people from all over the world can log in to be productive during a time that is convenient to them. With location no longer being a constraint, talent from all over the world can be scouted and recruited to make your business a better and more vibrant place.

Without being forced to be in an office 9-5 Monday til Friday, workforces are reporting higher levels of productivity than recorded within an office space. More flexibility and fewer distractions are just 2 of the many reasons for this. Some people suggest that working from home makes people work harder to combat the feeling of slacking off in their own homes, which could be a huge contributor to productivity thanks to remote working. Work can happen around the clock, whenever people feel most productive, which can be a huge boost for some businesses. Technology makes it possible to track when and for how long people are working, tracking productivity too.Find out the most productive ways to organise an office layout in our blog.
Working from home provides a whole new wealth of benefits for employee wellbeing. Technology allows us to connect with our employees, managers, and bosses from our own homes, reducing the need for us to commute into the office, taking up valuable time and money. More time at home and not on stressful commutes allows more time for hobbies, the chance to spend more time with loved ones, and more relaxation time in general.

Another huge benefit for large companies is related to budgets. A regular workplace is no longer necessary. If people can utilise their own home offices, their own wifi connections and phone lines, permanent offices are being abandoned in favour of no fixed location. A large number of businesses are opting for co-operative working spaces, like WeWork, when it comes to getting people together for occasional socialising and work meetings. The money saved on office rent, utilities, and reimbursements for travel is saving companies considerable chunks of money.
Secure documents are passed between employees on a regular basis in some workplaces. Sending by post or email can often be an insecure way to pass sensitive information, particularly when working from a public place or on public transport. New software means that documents can be shared across locations, even across countries, without security being an issue. There is a wide range of programmes that can do this, so you should research your particular company’s circumstances for which would be best for you.If you want to revamp your home office space, browse our home working product ranges, from chairs and desks to lamps and accessories.”