How Remote Workers Can Be Productive

“In the modern work environment, it is common that a number of people may choose to work remotely from home. This can be great for the employee as they don’t have to make the commute into work and can take care of other household issues. It provides them with a greater level of flexibility in their work. But it’s questionable whether people are more productive when working from home and this can cause problems in the workplace. But it can also be useful for the office environment as we are often confined to small office spaces and have little parking for all staff. So how can you make sure remote workers benefit your business and are actually just as productive working remotely? We have come up with a list of some top tips that will help you get the most out of those working from home.
Set up cloud storage
This is an important factor to making sure that your employees have everything they need to work from home. Cloud storage and file sharing are essential as this makes things so much easier to access documents remotely. It can be easy to misplace documents and if your staffs have to spend ages looking or ask you to send it over, this is counter-productive. It can also make it easier for you to look over their work and you can see when it has been completed. There are plenty of services you can use, with some of the most popular being Dropbox and Google Drive.
Video Calling
You should also make sure that staff are readily available should you need to get in touch with them. Make sure that you can talk through video chat, using a service such as Skype or something similar. This can be an important factor to increasing productivity as people can often decide to run errands during work hours when working from home. One of the biggest issues employers have with people working from home is that they can’t easily contact them or can’t be sure when they are working. You shouldn’t be checking that people are always present, but you should be able to reach them when needed.
Have a defined calendar
Another way to increase productivity in the workplace is to set defined workloads and calendars with staff working from home. This way it is clear what workload your employees have and what they should have completed in a certain timeframe. You should also share team calendars and deadlines to make sure people known when things are due. It means that someone working from home can still feel up to date and work to schedules to make sure they are on track with their work. This will also make it clear what is expected of them and if you are unsure you can also check the work they’re supposed to be doing.
Set Up a Home Office
Although you may not be able to afford a full office set-up for somebody, you should make sure they are comfortable. Even by providing a proper desk space for someone to sit and place their computer it can help to make sure they are more productive. You should also think about providing them with a good ergonomic chair to make sure they have the right seating while at work. This will avoid people sitting on a sofa or somewhere that doesn’t suit the needs of your workplace.
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